Thai massage in Ballerup near Herlev and Skovlunde

Neck and Shoulder massage

To alleviate and prevent headache and pain in Neck and shoulders. With so many muscles and soft tissues around the neck area it is vital to give this part of your body protection and relief. 

Objective of Neck and shoulder massage is to remove tension in the muscles, increase circulation of blood and relax the muscles

30 min - 400 kr.
1 hour - 700 kr.

Deep tissue thai massage

Using stretching and pressure around your bodys energly lines to increase flexibility, alleviate muscle tension and to restore balance to the energy lines of your body.

30 min - 400 kr.

1 hour - 700 kr.

Sports Massage

Stiff muscles after injury or training?  Sports massage is deep tissue masssage focused on relieving tension and pain, especially after excess physical activity but also to relieve tension from monotonous work. 

30 min - 400 kr.

1 hour - 700 kr.

Senses / Tantra

Very soft massage where we only use our fingertips to make you relax

30 min. - 300 kr.

1 hour- 600 kr.

Medium/ SoftThai Massage

Think of it as "assisted Yoga". We stretch your limbs and apply acupressure

30 min. - 300 kr.

1 hour- 500 kr.

Oil relax massage

Relaxation massage.​

30 min. - 300 kr.

1 hour- 500 kr.


A Fantastic way to loosen up your muscles before massage

15 min. - 200 kr.

30 min. - 300 kr.

Soft massage in Sauna

We can give you soft and relaxing massage in our Sauna to loosen up and relieve tension

15 min - 300 kr.

30 min - 500 kr.​


Body Scrub rejuvenates your skin by exfoliating and rehydrating it, leaving it smooth and soft

30 min - 500 kr

1 time - 700 kr.

Couples massage

You do not need to pick the same massage form for both of you but  can choose different massage forms individually. Prices above are per person

Please note: Couples massage is available on weekdays 09:00-17:00. It is also possible to arrange, in some cases, between 17:00 and 22:00 and on weekends but only if the appointment is made well in advance (minimum 2 days)

Neck or shoulder tension?

wenYen is a specialist in relieving muscular tension in Neck and shoulder area. If you need massage to help alleviate pain and tension in your neck or shoulders or have headache, ask for our Neck & Shoulder massage. Yen is primarily focusing on this area

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